The Donlands Diner

The Donlands Diner is a taste of old fashioned East York nostalgia, where we have been serving heartwarming meals since 1955. For over 60 years, we have lived by a proud tradition of serving up a large selection of comfort food and homemade classics that are delicious and reliable. With food hot off the griddle, our wait staff will know you by name – so settle into one of our booths and enjoy an authentic, 50s-styled dining experience!


All Day Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that’s why we think it should be served all day. Just because you’re not a morning person does not mean that you should ever miss out on our generous portions of stacked pancakes or home style egg breakfast with bacon or sausage. You will never have to worry about strict cut-off times with us, breakfast is always available!


What is a great diner meal without a signature side? We have a tasty and classic selection of diner sides that will satiate your taste buds, from hand-cut, classic home fries to the world-famous Canadian bacon. While side dishes traditionally complement main dishes, our sides are good enough to stand on their own because they are flavorful and homey.

Salads & Soup

The fact that you like your soups or salads before or after a meal may come down to cultural preference. We believe that regardless of when you eat it, our soups and salads have a wealth of ingredients and flavors that make them an important part of the diner experience. They are light and refreshing and will revitalize and excite your taste buds.

Hand Helds

In our world, no culinary item is more synonymous with diners than the classic hamburger. All of our burgers come from Ontario raised angus beef and are served on a toasted brioche bun with local pickles, hot house tomatoes, shaved red onion and shredded iceberg lettuce. We also offer savory, loaded club sandwiches that come in a myriad of styles and spinoffs – all of which are sure to make your mouth water.


Wash down your tasty meals with classic diner sodas, freshly squeezed juices or milk.

Remember the 50's & 60's